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Everlasting Flowers

Are Everlasting Roses real?

How long can I expect my Everlasting Roses to last?

How do I make my flowers last longer?

Can I remove the flowers from the Bovi Box™ and put them my own vase/container?

Will the actual product look identical to the images on this website?

Will the colors come off the everlasting flowers over time?

Personalized Greeting Cards

How does the video message greeting card work?

Can I include a text message on the greeting card instead?

How do I play the video message as the gift recipient?

Why does my greeting card not have a QR code?

Shipping & Processing Times

How long does shipping take for Hong Kong addresses?

How long does international shipping take and how much?

My product was damaged during shipping.

I picked a delivery date that's earlier than the shipping method I chose at checkout. When will the package arrive?

My shipping address is wrong. How do I correct it?

Payments & Orders

How do I pay at check out?

Can I cancel my order?


What is your return policy?

How do I initiate a refund request?

My refund is missing or late. What should I do?